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The online gambling market is growing so fast that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of games you find in every casino. To make it easier for you, I made a guide on how to spot the perfect game for your needs. Read it if you want to save time and start winning from the very beginning.

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Free Casino Games — Try It Before You Buy It

When you are a newbie, it’s hard to bet your money on a gambling game for the first time. You are not sure which game you should choose, you don’t know the rules, and you are anxious to trust your money to a casino: what if it gets stolen or you never get your winnings? If you can relate, then I have a pro tip for you — always start with free demo games that let you train as much as you want without any payments. 

There is no difference between a real money game and a free online casino game, except for the fact that you bet virtual money in demo games. It means you can get acquainted with gameplay, learn the rules, and refine your betting strategy before you feel ready and move on to the real money betting.

Steve Bourie got the following question:I frequently use the bonus money for a slot play, but I never win with them. What are the odds of winning with the free money and is there are law that regulates it?
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The slot machine does not differentiate real money play and a free play, so the odds of winning are exactly the same.

Steve Bourie

Owner, American Casino Guide

People who never played casino games often think of them like a bad habit, but for me, gambling is almost a spiritual practice and meditation. When you learn how to feel the game and understand its vibrations, you can fully concentrate on a process and sometimes even predict the outcome. Of course, it doesn’t happen in a day, but you’ll understand what I’m talking about once you gain some betting experience. 

For you to get that experience, I collected a variety of free casino games without download in one place. Here, you can find slots, Roulette, Blackjack, and other products (except for the live-dealer ones) to play for fun with no downloads or registration.

Best Casino Games for Real Money 

So, you tried the games for free and now feel ready to make a real bet. What’s your next step? There are several tactics for choosing a perfect real money online casino game, but I believe that the best one is to think of what you want to get from the game.

What is your main goal? Here are the possible answers:

These are the answers I got from players who visited the casino I worked in, and these are the answers I now give myself when I’m choosing a game for another betting session. Thanks to this method, I always get exactly what I want to get whether it’s the winnings, the bonuses, or the overall satisfaction. Below, I’ll describe each point in more detail so you can use it to find a perfect game for yourself as well.

When you ask yourself these questions, you can either pick one of the games I already selected for you or look for one yourself using the filters on the right of this page.

Top NZ Casino Games in Nominations:
All Aces Poker by Microgaming — the most profitable

99.9% Return-to-Player rate

Cops & Robbers by Green Tube — the lowest bets

Bets as small as $0.005

Shields of Rome by Playtech — the newest

Just released, be the first to try it

Video Roulette by Playtech — the highest bets

Up to $25000 for a bet

Flemish Roulette by Evolution Gaming — the best live-dealer game

Streamed from the real casino

Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt — the game with the best bonus

All the bonus features in one game

How I Choose the Best Casino Games 

The more games are released, the harder it gets for the players to navigate in the gambling see and pick out the best products for their bets. Let’s be honest, most of the casino games look very similar, and it’s hard to tell which one is going to be good, especially if you don’t have years of experience in the gambling industry like I do. It was not that easy for me too, especially in the beginning, but then I created my own method of game selection and things changed completely. Now, when I want to make some bets, I always ask myself one question: what is it that I want to get from the game today? 

Do I want to get more money? 

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Not all the games are the same when it comes to possible winnings and the secret hides in three letters — RTP. The Return to Player is the potential amount of money you can get while playing a specific game in the long run. For example, a game with RTP 99% will return you at least 99% of your bets back while a game with RTP 95% will definitely keep 5% of your money. It doesn’t mean you can’t beat the casino on a shorter streak though, you just need to know how to bet and when to stop.

Thus, to increase your chances of winning and get more money, you need to play the games with a higher RTP percentage. By the way, this information should be clearly stated on the casino’s website and if you can’t find it — it’s better to keep looking for a more reliable website. So, the best casino games in terms of RTP are All Aces Poker by Microgaming (99.92%) and the Jackpot Jester slot by NextGen Gaming (99.9%).

Do I want to play the game just to kill time? 

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Even though I know how to concentrate on a game and get more wins, sometimes, I’m just bored and want to make a couple of bets to have fun. In this case, I choose the games that allow making small bets so I can be sure I won’t lose a lot of money if something distracts me or I just decide to quit the game in the middle of betting. 

You can use a filter to see the games with the smallest bets. My favourite ones among them are Cops & Robbers by Green Tube ($0.005), Geisha Wonders by NetEnt ($0.01), and Break Away by Microgaming ($0.01).

Remember, these are the games you play when you want to have fun but not the games you play when you want to earn money as hitting the jackpot with a $0.01 bet is nearly impossible.

Do I want to play a game that I’ve never played before?

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The drawback of being an experienced gambler is that the moment comes when gambling games just stop being fun anymore, and you start seeing them simply as a source of income. When this happens, I always try to find a new game as just-released products always bring the feeling of a novelty back. Luckily, new products are constantly released, so trying something new is never a problem. The list of new demo games on my website is regularly updated: for now, the freshest games here are Shields of Rome, Superman, and Pantry Plunder slots by Playtech.

Do I want to take a bigger risk?

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Just like I have my moments for the small bets, I can also be in the mood for taking a bigger risk and betting a large sum of money at once. In this case, I know that I can either win a lot or lose a lot and that nerve-tickling feeling can’t be compared with anything in the world. Among the games that allow higher bets I love The Monkey Prince by IGT ($30000 max bet), Golden Games by Playtech ($25000 max bet), and Supernova by Quickspin ($12500 max bet). 

But these are not the highest bets possible, these are just the highest reasonable bets. The games for high-rollers like Video Roulette by Playtech allow bets up to $25000 in a single round which is more than enough to feel the thrill, obviously, but there are not so many people who can risk that amount of money. 

Do I want to get a land-based casino vibe while betting online?

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Since the pandemic hit, visiting a land-based casino became more a dream than a possible reality, so everything that’s left is online gambling. Luckily, we have live-dealer games where you can do everything you’d do in a real casino — chat with other players, watch nice-looking dealers, and, of course, make bets. The best part is that you can do all of it while staying at home as the game is live-streamed from a casino or a studio. 

My favourite live-dealer games are created by Evolution Gaming, so when I want to feel the real casino vibe, I always look for their Flemish Roulette or Atlantic City Resorts Games.

Do I want to claim a big bonus?

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There is one thing that you can find in online casinos only, and it’s the bonuses. Land-based casinos can be nice and fun, but they’ll never reward you with real money just because you decided to come and play while it regularly happens in online casinos (think of a welcome or a no-deposit bonus). 

While many of you already know about the bonuses offered by online casinos, some players never heard of the special bonuses hidden inside the games. If you are aiming to claim a big bonus, always opt for the slots as this is where you can find one of the following things: 

✅ Bonus Game — while some slots only offer a free-spins round as a bonus game, the other feature the real mini-game where you are required to actually do something, like pick one of three items to reveal a bonus, find the right key, etc. At this point, gambling games become intertwined with video games which makes them even better.

✅ Scatter Symbol — when you get this symbol on the reels, the bonus round is triggered automatically.

✅ Mystery Symbol — this symbol can substitute any other symbol on the reels to create a winning combination. 

✅ Cascading Wins — remember the Tetris game? This is what you get on the reels if you play a game that features Cascading Wins. Once you get a winning line, the symbols which formed it would disappear to make space for the new ones that would fall from above.

Casino Games — Learn More to Win More 

Knowing how to pick the right casino game for your needs is actually enough to start winning. You can close this guide right now, open an online casino, choose one of the games and start betting. However, I recommend staying for a bit longer (I promise, I won’t keep you here for too long) and read some interesting facts about casino games that I’ve collected for you in the second part of this post. It would be especially interesting for you if you are a newbie and know nothing about games and casinos, or if you just like learning new things to share them at boring parties. So keep reading if you want to know who created the games you are going to play, what the most popular casino games are, and what is a casino blacklist and why I created it. 

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The Most Frequently Played Casino Games 

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While the list of casino games is usually more or less the same in online and land-based casinos, online ones have one important advantage — variety. Even when a land-based venue has a thousand slot machines, there will actually be a hundred variations while online casinos can offer much more. Let alone the fact that not everyone has access to large land-based casinos. 

There is the other side of that variety though — a beginner can easily get confused by so many games and decide that it’s easier to log out and run than to try to figure out what those games are. So here is a short description of the most popular casino games for the novice players and a quick reminder for the experienced gambling connoisseurs. Don’t forget that you can always try these games for fun to better understand the demo game or casino card game rules before making a real money bet. 

Poker — the most famous casino game which we’ve all seen in the movies. It’s a game of skill rather than a game of chance so you might want to learn at least the basic combinations and betting rules before you start playing. 

Slots — the game you’ll find in every casino, whether it’s large or small, online or offline. No need to learn any rules here, just hit the “Spin” button and wait for the reels to bring you the wins. Even though the game looks (and is) very simple, it can be pretty rewarding for a player. 

Video Poker — a great combination of the previous two games. It looks like a slot machine though you can affect the outcome of the game like you’d do in Poker. 

Blackjack — a casino card game you play with a dealer. Get as close to 21 points but don’t exceed this number and you’ll get the money. 

Roulette — a casino just can’t exist without a Roulette wheel. To get the winnings, players need to guess where the ball is going to stop.

Baccarat — this card game is not as frequent as the other ones, but it’s fun and rewarding. I recommend trying it when you already played all the popular types of casino games and want to bet on something fresh and new.

Bingo — the casino table game your grandma plays with her friends. All you need to do is to cross the numbers out and shout when a winning line is formed. Well, shouting is not obligatory when you play online, it just makes everything more entertaining. 

Keno — this is more a lottery than a casino game, to be honest. Everything you need to do is to choose a number and hope for it to appear as a winning one. 

Scratch cards — one more lottery-like activity. This time, simple scratch cards went online so instead of scratching to reveal the winnings you just click on them. 

Dice games — there are a lot of them, but the basic rule is pretty much the same everywhere: you need to throw a (virtual) dice and get more points than your opponent. 

NZ Casino Games — You Play Them, They Make Them 

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Someone has to create the games we are playing, and it’s the gambling software providers. There are quite a lot of companies that make, develop, and license casino games today — some of them are large household names, some are small indie companies with only a couple of products in their portfolio. Many players don’t care who made the game they are playing while the other, including me, have their preferences and always look for the games made by specific providers. Here are five of my all-time favourites:

  • Evolution Gaming. If you are a fan of live-dealer games, you have probably seen the high-quality products made by this provider. If you have not — their Roulette and Blackjack are definitely worth trying. 
  • Yggdrasil. The company is rather young though already has a bunch of awards under the belt, including the Innovator of the Year. 
  • NetEnt. Even though there are a lot of different games in the NetEnt portfolio, this provider is mostly known for its video slots. Check the Jumanji or the Mega Fortune, and you’ll understand why. 
  • Microgaming. It’s one of the oldest companies in the industry, working on gambling products since 1994. Every gambler heard of the Mega Moolah slot that brings the largest jackpots in the world — it was Microgaming that made it.
  • IGT. One of the largest gambling software providers that create and license all kinds of games from slots to live-dealer products. 

Of course, it’s only a small part of online gambling games providers. You can use a filter on the right to check other companies and try their games for free or get redirected to a reliable casino for real money bets.

Casino Games — The Dark Side of Fun 

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It would be a great world if everything was safe and fair, but unfortunately, it’s not the case yet. There are online casinos that dare to take advantage of the players’ trust and, instead of paying well-deserved winnings, pay only a part of them, don’t pay them at all, or pay them for so long that you decide to forget about the money and go find some other website. Shady online casinos can also adjust their random number generators so that there is just no chance to win as casinos always have the advantage.  

But there are also signs that don't seem so radical though still signal that this is a casino that you’d rather avoid. The first red flag is the use of pirated unlicensed games. It means the casino didn’t pay the provider and there is a chance you wouldn’t get your money too. The second one is a bonus offer which is much higher than in any other casino. If something looks too good to be true — it most likely is. 

I try to keep track of all the unlicensed or dubious casinos and put them into a separate list. Here is only a small part of it: 

  • Atlantic Vegas
  • Kiwi Poker
  • Gold Gate

Final Thoughts

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I believe that every person can find a perfect casino game, you just need to know what to look for. If you haven’t found one yet — scroll up to my tips and try again, I can bet your winnings are already there, waiting for you. And if you don’t want to spend money on something you don’t really like yet, make sure to try the free demo games as they can give you the overall outlook of the game without actually taking your funds. 

I’ve spent many years as a casino dealer and manager and I know what I’m talking about: once a player finds a game that resonates with him or here, the magic happens and the winnings start to flow in the pocket. Hope you’ll find one and hope my blog can help you in your search.

Best Casino Games Newcasinos-nz.com

🎲 What games can one play in an online casino?

The set of games depends on the casino you chose for your gambling session — some offer hundreds of titles while the other limit you to a couple of dozens. But the basic set of games is usually the same everywhere and includes several card games like Blackjack and Poker, Roulette, and slots. If a casino wants to attract players who love less popular games, it can also offer baccarat, keno, dice, scratch cards, and many more new casino games free.

😻 How to play gambling games?

Well, first of all, you need to create an account in a reliable online casino and make your first deposit. Then, you can choose a game you’d like to start with and start making bets. The rules will vary from one game to another, so it’s better if you learn them in advance or see how the game works for free on my website.

🏆 What casino games have the best chances of winning?

Your chances of winning depend not only on how well you know the rules and can play the game but also on which game you are playing. Of course, it’s hard to win in Poker when you don’t know basic combinations, but in some cases, it’s the luck and the RTP of the game that decides everything. If high odds are your main priority for choosing a casino game, I recommend sticking to blackjack, roulette, and video slots as their RTP is usually between 95-99%.

🤪 Can I beat the casino?

I’ve heard millions of times that it’s the casino that always wins and there is no chance to remain a winner in the long run. But I’m a clear example of the fact that it’s not true. If you know your rules and betting strategies, learn how to read the game, and are ready to invest your time in betting, you have all chances of beating a casino, at least in one of the games with higher odds.

🏠 Can I play gambling games at home?

Online gambling made it possible to forget about the loud crowds and travel expenses as now you can play any game you want on your laptop or even a smartphone. With a couple of clicks, you can reach the whole world of games and bonuses — just make sure you trust your money to a safe website from my list to avoid frauds.

💶 How to increase your chances of winning?

Well, first of all, never play in a casino that is not licensed by a respected institution like Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, or other. Secondly, refine your betting skills in free demo games before you step into big real money gambling. Learn what RTP is and try finding the casino games with best odds. And, finally, try to relax and feel the waves of the game — it will show you when the winnings are about to come.

🔍 Can I play gambling games for free?

Yes, you can, but don’t expect any winnings. There is a free demo of pretty much any casino game except for the live ones, and I try to add the most popular ones to my website — check them out if you want to see how the game looks like before betting the money or practice your betting strategies.

🤠 How old should you be to play in online casinos?

You need to be at least 20 years old to enter a land-based casino in New Zealand though most of the international online casinos require you to be at least 18 for your bets to be accepted.

😈 Is there a way to hack a casino?

Well, there is no way to hack a casino in a literal way simply because it’s illegal, but you can try “hacking” the games by “feeling” them. I think of gambling as some kind of meditation or a concentration exercise, and it helps me get more wins. It will probably take you a lot of time to learn how to read casino games, but the result is totally worth it.