How I Create Online Casino Reviews

Internet is full of online casino reviews and you might now be wondering — why do I need your opinions when I have millions of reviews from other players? But let me tell you a little secret. Some (not to tell most) of those reviews are written not by players, but by professional copywriters who know nothing about online gambling but know how to write compelling texts. So, if you are looking for real reviews, you’ve come to the right page. 


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How To Tell Whether The Casino Review Is Real

When you are a newbie, there are two ways for you to find an online casino: you can either look for one by yourself, making your own mistakes, or you can rely on other people and read their casino reviews. But do you really know who you are relying on in this case — a real person or someone who gets paid for it? Here is my pro tip: when looking for a real casino review, opt for the one that has screenshots and covers as many details as possible. Screenshots and GIFs will guarantee that the person who wrote the reviews has actually tried the casino while details will show you how deep the author dug into the website. 

Another pro tip: if you are in need of a comprehensive casino review, you can get one here on my website. I never take money from online casinos for my reviews and I make them honest, unbiased, and full of screenshots. Read them and you’ll end up with the selection of the best online casinos that you can trust with your money and get impressive wins. 

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The steps might vary depending on the casino, but one thing never changes: I’ll describe all the advantages and won’t forget any drawbacks. 

How I Review Online Casinos: 6 Criteria

How I Review Online Casinos: 6 Criteria

When evaluating online casinos and writing my reviews, I usually use the following 6 criteria so that I can cover all the details and leave no stone unturned:

1. Reliability and security

Reliability and security
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Reliability is the first thing I check when writing a casino review as 

a) I don’t want to lose my money; 

b) I don’t want you to lose your money. 

If you make bets in an unsafe casino, it can lead to frauds, data leaks, or just poor gambling experience — and that’s not what we come here for, don’t we? So, this is what I check to make sure the casino is safe: 

  • The license. The casino should have a valid license issued by MGA or Curaçao eGaming. Not all the UKGC-licensed casinos are available in New Zealand, but that would be the best choice. When composing a review, I do thorough research and not just look for the licensing body logo on the casino’s website but also make sure that the license is real. 
  • Testing certificates. eCOGRA, iTech Labs, GLI, Technical System Testing — everything would work. The lack of such certificates is not always the sign that something is wrong with the casino, but I still prefer the websites that can prove their fairness with such a document. 
  • Reputation. You can fake the docs, but you can’t fake the reputation. I always try to do a little background check of the casino owners and see which casinos they owned before and how well they were at it. Reviews from other players can also be helpful in this case. 

2. Depositing/withdrawal methods

Depositing/withdrawal methods
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The next step for me is to try to make a deposit and see how it goes. In my reviews, you’ll find the list of all the payment methods available for players from New Zealand so that you can save your time and don’t sign up to a casino that has nothing to offer you. If my gaming session was successful (and it usually is), I will also try to withdraw my winning as this is when most of the problems can occur. 

Bad online casinos are nice and helpful when they want you to deposit the money, but they can turn your life into a nightmare once you decide to withdraw the winnings. Overly-thorough KYC procedure, unreasonable pending time, slow payments — this is not even the full list of what can happen to a player in a shady casino, and if something of these happens to me, I’ll clearly describe it in the review. 

3. Choice of games

Choice of games
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You need to play something to win, so our next stop on a review-writing journey is the list of the games. 

Game choice 

When it comes to the casino games, the rule is simple: the more — the better. Providing all the games are fair and licensed, of course. In my reviews, I’ll try to give you the clear numbers: how many games there are in a casino, how many of them are pokies/table games/other gambling products. I’ll also devote a separate passage to the live dealer games as I’m a big fan of them and think that it’s tasteless for a modern casino not to have a good choice of them. 


I not only pay attention to the games themselves, but also to those who make them. While small independent game developers can sometimes create amazing products, I prefer online casinos that serve the games made by internationally-renowned brands. First of all, it guarantees me the highest quality of games, and, secondly, it guarantees me the 100% fairness of the casino as Microgaming or Evolution Gaming would never let their products be used by scammers. 

4. Bonuses and special offers

Bonuses and special offers
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Bonuses! This is when a casino can stand out from the crowd and offer you something that you just can’t refuse. But are those bonuses really worth claiming? That’s what I investigate in my casino reviews. 

Welcome pack 

As a new player, you’ll be welcomed by a casino with a special gift. While it varies from one casino to another, the basic set consists of a deposit match (100%/200%/300%, depending on how generous a casino is) and a pack of free spins. The first wish is always to hit the “claim the bonus” button, but before doing it, I always check the bonus terms and describe them in my review. Here is what I pay attention to: 

  • Wagering requirements;
  • Max bet/withdrawal limits;
  • How long the bonus is valid. 

If I don’t like at least one of these points — I won’t claim the bonus and will honestly tell you about it. 

Other promotions

Even if I don’t like the welcome bonus and decide not to claim it, I still look through the Promotions page and if there is something worthy of your time, I’ll add it to my review. It can be: 

5. Mobile version

Mobile version
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As a rule, I do all the testing using my iPhone as it allows me to check how good the mobile version is while comfortably chilling on my bed. Of course, I also check the desktop version to look for any differences, but most of the job is done on mobile. That’s why a special section of my casino reviews is devoted to the casino’s mobile compatibility and covers the following aspects: 

  • Does the casino provide a secure connection? 
  • Does everything work fast and smooth? 
  • Is the casino easy to navigate on a smaller screen? 
  • Are there any crashes or freezes?
  • Are all the features and games available in a mobile version? 

6. Customer service 

Customer service 
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I always end my casino testing with a small chat — with customer support, of course. Even when I don’t have any issues with the casino, I’ll try to ask them a simple question about the casino’s withdrawal limits, bonus terms or something like that just to see how fast and helpful they are going to be. 

When reviewing this part, I’ll let you know which means of communication are available in a casino (phone, live chat, email), how fast the questions are answered, and how helpful the customer support members are. 

Other Essential Aspects To Check In a Casino

How I Create Online Casino Reviews -

Rating Online Casino Launched Bonus License
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While I mostly use the above-mentioned criteria to evaluate a casino, there might be some other things for me to mention in a review. For instance: 

  • user interface 
  • availability of free demo games 
  • controllable betting limits 
  • state-of-the-art design, and so on

Basically, if there is something that needs to be said about the casino — it will be said in my review, no exceptions made. 


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While I’m a kind casino reviewer that always hopes for the best and can give a casino a credit even if something is not entirely perfect, there are some things that I can’t blink at. If I see that a casino uses fake/pirated games, doesn’t payout the wins, or allows data leaks, it will immediately be added to my blacklist with no chances to get out of it any time soon. 

This casino is blacklisted due to bonus program using unethical business practices associated with affiliate companies, including, but not limited to, delayed or declined payments, lack of cooperation and unprofessional behaviour
There is a lot of player’s complaints about blocked accounts and delayed or declined winnings
This casino treats new customers very badly, and the support team does not provide any solutions if you are having problems with their website. Moreover, your winnings might just disappear without a valid explanation.
This casino got to the blacklisted because of using unethical business practices linked with affiliate companies, including buying not objective reviews on sites
This casino is blacklisted due to affiliate program using unethical business practices associated with affiliate companies, including, but not limited to, delayed or declined payments, lack of cooperation and unprofessional behavior
This casino is blacklisted due to affiliate program using unethical business practices associated with affiliate companies, including, but not limited to, delayed or declined payments, lack of cooperation and unprofessional behavior
I have received a lot of bad feedback on this casino. I appreciate our players and therefore I cannot recommend this casino.
I have received a lot of bad feedback on this casino. I appreciate our players and therefore I cannot recommend this casino.
I noticed that this casino is using unethical business practices. Some of those who regularly visit my website told me that their accounts in Casino1 Club were blocked after they requested money withdrawal. That’s why this casino ends up on my blacklist.
Delayed payouts are a natural thing for this casino. They also can decline your withdrawal request without telling you the reason. Is that how such a service should behave? I don’t think so. Therefore, Cashpot ends up on my blacklist.


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It’s always good to know what other players think of a casino, whether you are a newbie or an experienced gambler (but especially if you are a newbie), so don’t neglect reading the casino reviews — they can be really helpful. 

I try to make my reviews as detailed as possible and always provide my readers with a 100% honest opinion, even if it’s a bad one. I hope that these reviews can help you find the best online casino for your needs, and keep you away from the bad ones.

How I Create Online Casino Reviews