About Me

Hello there and nice to meet you! My name is Dave and I’m glad to welcome you on my website where I’m sharing all my gambling secrets. 

7 years ago, I started my career as a casino dealer on a cruise ship. Things went well and I was promoted to a casino manager soon after. But this winter, the pandemic came and everything changed. Just like many of you, I got laid off — there is no need in a cruise ship casino when the ship can’t leave the harbor, you know. 

I was in shock for a moment as it was literally the only thing I was really good at. But then, I realized that I can still use my skills, knowledge, and experience to make bets in online casinos and win the money. My previous job contract banned me from online betting so I was glad to finally get to casinos and try online games. 

And the casinos turned out to be so different! For the last months, I came across hundreds of websites and only a part of them was good enough to trust them my money. So I came up with my own criteria of telling a reliable website from a shady one, basing on my own experience as casino dealer and gambling enthusiast as well as on the experience of my friends and colleagues from the ship. 

I always wanted to become a mentor for someone and now, thanks to my wife Victoria who created this website for me, this dream can finally come true. Here, I’ll be sharing everything I know about online gambling as I want everyone to know that winning in a casino is not impossible. Moreover, it can become your only source of income if you know what you are doing. 

If you feel like supporting me after you got a big win thanks to my recommendations, feel free to use my Bitcoin wallet number:


Remember: it’s important to play responsibly, but only those who take a risk can win big.